Computer Engineering, College of Engineering

ERC Starting Grant 2020

BeyondMoore : Pioneering a New Path in Parallel Programming Beyond Moore’s Law

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Didem Unat’s ERC action addresses the post-Moore’s Law crisis in the field of computer programming. Her proposal suggests a way out of the crisis by offering “an autonomous execution model that is more scalable, flexible, and accelerator-centric by design.” In the alternative model to be explored by Dr. Unat, “accelerators have autonomy; they compute, collaborate, and communicate with each other without the involvement of the host.”

BEYONDMOORE will develop a software framework that performs static and dynamic optimizations, issues accelerator-initiated data transfers, and reasons about parallel execution strategies that exploit both processor and memory heterogeneity. To aid the optimizations, a comprehensive cost model that characterizes both target applications and emerging architectures will be devised. Complete success of BEYONDMOORE will enable continued progress in computing which in turn will power science and technology in the life after Moore’s Law.

Dr. Didem Unat is the 2021 ACM SIGHPC Emerging Woman Leader in Technical Computing award winner. She is recognized for her innovative work in the field of programming models for data locality in High Performance and Scientific Computing, as well as her leadership role in the international HPC community.