Electrical and Electronics Engineering, College of Engineering

ERC Consolidator Grant 2013

MINERVA : Communication Theoretical Foundations of Nervous System Towards BIO-inspired Nanonetworks and ICT-inspired Neuro-treatment

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Prof. Akan’s ERC project was funded under the first ever Consolidator Grant call in ERC, and was also the first COG action in Türkiye.

MINERVA aimed to develop communication theoretical models for the nervous system, a nanonetwork simulator to validate the theoretical models, as well as communication-capable neuro-implants for the information and communication technology-inspired treatment of spinal cord disorders, which are currently incurable in most cases.

Realistically modelling the nervous molecular communication channels, analyzing and understanding its network and communication theoretical capabilities and shortcomings, and ultimately contributing to the development of bio-inspired solutions for nanonetworks and ICT-inspired solutions for neural diseases were the interdisciplinary objectives of the MINERVA project. The project aimed to bridge the gap between communication engineering and life sciences, and create important collaboration opportunities.

Prof. Akan's research interests are in wireless, bio/nano/molecular and quantum communications, Internet of Everything.