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ERC Starting Grant 2016

EmergingWelfare: The New Politics of Welfare: Towards an “Emerging Markets” Welfare State Regime

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ERC Proof of Concept Grant 2022

 POLITUS : AI Based Data Platform for Fair Social Policies

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EmergingWelfare is an ERC funded project that investigates the politics of contemporary welfare state development in emerging market economies to answer these questions. It is a multimethod and interdisciplinary comparative welfare research project. We are building separate databases for welfare and political protest, and we employ quantitative, computational, and qualitative methods to explain the politics of welfare in select emerging markets, including China, India, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Türkiye, from a comparative and historical perspective.

The project is structured around two main research questions:

  1. Are we observing a new global welfare state regime structure as a result of this welfare state expansion in emerging markets?
  2. What is the cause of this welfare state expansion in emerging markets? Specifically, what is the role of politics?

One of the main outputs of this action is the Global Contentious Politics Dataset, accessible under open science here.

The PI, Erdem Yörük, is also leading the Computational Social Sciences research group at Koç University.

Dr. Yörük is also an Associate Member in the Department of Social Policy and Intervention at University of Oxford and a member of Young Academy of Europe. His work focuses on social welfare and social policy, social movements, political sociology, and comparative and historical sociology.